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Jimmeh Aitch

Jimmeh Aitch (Huang Chun) is a Siraya person from Taiwan, and a PhD in anthropological linguistics. He has worked as an academic in Florida, Taiwan, and the Philippines. He now lives on Guam and teaches at the University of Guam.

Jimmeh Aitch also draws comics.

Born in Taiwan in 1978, Jimmeh Aitch grew up reading lots of Japanese manga and original Taiwanese comics. Without these comics, his life would be much less awesome, or so he believes. Two of the Asian comics that have inspired him recently are Tekkonkinkreet by Taiyo Matsumoto and Super Radical Gag Family by Kenji Hamaoka.

So anyway, Jimmeh Aitch does appreciate Manga and some of the so-called commercial comics, but he never got so inspired as to make his own comics until he found R. Crumb, Harvey Pekar, and other American Underground comics when he went to grad school in Florida.

He made his first comic story, Sluggo, at age of 32, in the summer of 2010, when he just received his linguistics PhD and was waiting for his first academic job. He knew that he would be leaving his friends in Florida very soon, so he started making comics for them as farewell gifts, and for himself as a way of keeping memories. Sluggo was a ferret of Jimmeh Aitch’s neighbor Rob G. and the most chillaxing ferret in the whole universe; he left this world in 2008 and has become two banana trees and a star.

Since Sluggo, Jimmeh Aitch has made a few semi-autobiographical comics for friends. These can all be read online via Jimmeh Aitch's BLOG, where he also publishes his no-penciling black-and-white sketches periodically.

Other Western comic artists that have inspired Jimmeh Aitch include Joe Sacoo, Harvey Pekar, Jim Woodring, Milo Manara, Moebius, David B. , among others. Jimmeh Aitch is obsessed with black-and-white and line work, and thus these have become his preferred style.

Currently Jimmeh Aitch is working with Slowork Publishing on his first documentary comic book " Halo-Halo Manila". He also participate the anthology comic book FRONTLINE Z.A.




Né en 1978, Jimmeh Aitch (Huang Chun) est issu d'une famille Siraya, une des ethnies minoritaire présente à Taïwan.  Détendeur d'un doctorat de linguistique anthropologique, il a enseigné en Floride, à Taiwan et aux Philippines est enseigne actuellement à l'université de Guam.

Jimmeh dessine aussi la Bande Dessinée. Il grandit avec les manga japonaise et les Bande Dessinée Taïwanaises. Sans ses Bande Dessinée, sa vie aurait été moins incroyable, tout du moins c'est ce auquel il croit. Jimmeh a dévoré manga et des Bande Dessinée commerciales durant son enfance, mais n'a jamais pensé à faire ses propre Bande Dessinée avant de découvrir Robert.Crumb, Harvey Pekar et d'autres Bandes Dessinées underground américaines, alors qu'il faisait ses études en Floride.

Plus tard il fut influencé par d'autres auteurs occidentaux tel que Joe Sacco, Harvey Pekar, Jim Woodring, Milo Manara, Moebius ou David Beauchard.

Jimmeh poursuit depuis une obsession pour par le noir et blanc, la texture et le hachurage, qui posent les fondement de son style. Actuellement Jimmeh travail avec Slowork Publishing sur sa première Bande Dessinée documentaire "Halo-Halo Manila". Il a aussi contribué une page dans la BD collective FRONTLINE Z.A.