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J.X. Williams

The life and times of the director J.X. Williams is an enigma. More precisely, it is “the best kept secret in all movie history” as the experts like to say. No one knows much about him, however, thanks to the obstinacy of some people and above all of the collector and archivist Noel Lawrence, knowledge of his life comes to light. And, surprise ! From experimental movies to sexploitation to New Wave, J.X. Williams created everything ! His connections with the American mafia, taste for provocation and fits of paranoia did the rest ! Little known in the subculture of the 60’s and 70’s, the work of J.X. Williams takes on a whole new dimension today. He is now a recluse in Switzerland, hiding, in fear of the “contract” still existing on him. You can discover J.X. Williams’ work here now !