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The Book Work

SWANDOWN is a plot of Olympian ambition. A poetic film-diary about encounter and culture, an endurance test and pedal-marathon. Andrew Ktting and Iain Sinclair pedalled a swan pedalo from the seaside in Hastings to Hackney in East London, via the inland waterways.


The journey provided multifarious outcomes; a film work, pinhole photographs, email correspondence and numerous texts and artifacts - documentation of which is beautifully reproduced in this limited edition bookwork. (LUX)


"Iain Sinclair is taking a mythological symbol to the Olympics, maybe to remind the Olympics what they are about? He likes a journey. Whereas I think Andrew Ktting just sort of sees what happens and the reverse engineers the meaning after he has collated the events."
Stewart Lee - Writer and Clown


Limited edition of 400, 343 pages, hardback and fully illustrated.