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Eric Boros - baritone guitar, voice / Marylise Frecheville - drums, voice. All music by Vialka; words by M. Frecheville, except Singes Merdiques by Haruki Murakami. Produced by Vialka, Victor Levin & Udi Koomran. Recorded & Mixed by Udi Koomran. Recorded on the last day of our three month around the world tour 2005.

Kruzenshtern I Parohod
Igor Krutogolov - bass, voice, noise / Ruslan Gross - clarinet / Olya Yelensky - accordion / Guy Shechter - drums. All music composed by Igor Krutogolov, all arrangement by I. Krutogolov & K.I.P. Produced by I. Krutogolov, K.I.P. & Udi Koomran. Recorded & mixed by Udi Koomran. Executive producer Victor Levin. Art and design by Igor Krutogolov. Management & publishing Auris Media.

Auris Media
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