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Sing for Blood

Count Erich Oswald Marc Hans Carl Maria von Stroheim und Nordenwall (born Eric Oswald Stroheim) was an American actor‐screenwriter‐author‐director of Austrian origin. Visionary, subversive, ambitious, cynical, a fabulator and a genius, Erich von Stroheim directed films in which sex, handicap, power and money often played a key role. Within the puritan context of the 1920’s, he was often misunderstood. The trio chose his name as a tribute to his free spirit.

Musically speaking, von Stroheim is somewhere in the galaxy of doom metal. However, rather than sticking strictly to the genre’s aesthetics, the band is following a course of its own. von Stroheim adds to doom’s relentlessness and heaviness a desire to make music that is evocative of cinematic atmospheres, borrowing elements from various styles: post‐metal, film scores, spoken word, kraut rock even… Therefore, one could describe von Stroheim as the missing link between Electric Wizard and Ennio Morricone.