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It's a Mess

It’s a Mess is a magazine with a mystical slant, featuring stories, thoughts, poetry and that stuff that is commonly called art.
Text is in Dutch, English and French.
We hope to attract writers, thinkers, artists of all kinds who create not to be the big cheese in some ironic subculture, but because they have to.  The role of the artist should be shamanistic, if not for the people, then at least for the artist himself. We think you should stop lying – in all aspects of life – and dare to experience existence as it is. We have found existence to be magical, meaningful, unpredictable and fundamentally anchored in love. Not hopeless, cynical, predictable, hateful or boring.
We are trying very hard not to write any sort of manifesto; luckily we are too spontaneous and chaotic for that.
It’s a Mess can be found at various unexpected locations. Sometimes even in a shop. It can also be ordered. A downloadable selection from Mess nr. 1 can be found on this page. We will also regularly post some related material here.
Please contact us to order an issue, if you would like to collaborate, or send us your material!
Send all correspondence to:

We are interested in everything, but personal preferences go toward: fantastic literature with a mystical touch (Blackwood, Machen, Crowley, Musil, Burroughs, …), surreal and spontaneous artwork, experimental philosophy, shamanistic/magical works, poetry, animals, trees, beauty.