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Here is Harry Merry

Here is Harry Merry is a collage portrait of the extravagant mysterious underground musician Harry Merry. It’s a personal and warm encounter with this performer between the stages in Europe and the USA and the social service in his hometown Rotterdam.

director: Joke Olthaar / camera: Nico Bunnik / editor: Rémi van der Heiden / producer: AS Film / 41 min - 2013 - NL  

DVD5 / PAL R0 / 73 min. (41 min. + 32 min. extra’s)
Nederlands & Engels gesproken / optioneel Engels ondertiteld

Savage Go-Go Deniz (clip) (2 Min.)
Stevie Storm (clip) (4 min.)
Live on piano at Tante Nino (10 min.)
Live at Sina Khani Show (5 min.)
Live in Slovenia (9 min.)
Bonus Track (2 min.)