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The Fur Trap

The Fur Trap is an illustrated short novel
that comes with a 7” vinyl soundtrack,
released and published as a collaboration between writer Kevin Ward (Fancy Butcher
comic books) and Catapulte Records.

K. Ward describes it as a “Rock’n’Roll fairy tale for adults”; the surreal adventures of teenager Beth in snowy North America, through dark forests, dodgy nightclubs and motels, are accompanied by stunning illustrations and 60’s sounding Northern Soul / Rock’n’Roll tunes.

Catapulte’s Pissinboy (G. Mushnik, A. Piro, J. Voyant) arranged and produced the songs, that Kevin himself wrote and sang.

The book is beautifully printed and packed, full of surprises and mysterious details, the result of more than 2 years of intense work.
The Fur Trap is a unique experience, combining the 3 media into a witty, humorous and captivating story!