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Franz Kafka Parables

Viewmaster discs sets


In addition to well-known longer works such as The Metamorphosis, The Penal Colony, and The Castle, Franz Kafka wrote a series of parables. These parables are brief and enigmatic re-imaginings of traditional mythic and historic figures. Poseidon grows bored with the sea; Alexander the Great is overcome by the weight of his own body; and the desecration of a temple becomes a ritual event for its worshippers. When Vladimir was much younger she painted the words to several of these parables, in English and German, inside of the storm drains of Corvallis, Oregon. Due to the fact that she used water-based paint, they have almost certainly been washed away by now.

This set consists of four handmade Vladmaster reels and a charming box in which to keep them. The reels feature 3D images of dioramas and characters designed, photographed and hand-assembled by Vladimir. The disks and boxes are printed by Pinball Publishing. Each reel retells a different parable. The parables retold are: Couriers, Alexander the Great, Poseidon, and Leopards. Each image is accompanied by text from the parable printed on the reel.