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Fragments Suspended In Time

2010 - LP + CDr + Ltd. DVDr (Opax Records)


Private Press Edition of 250 copies; multicolour vinyl housed in handmade heavy cardboard jacket with paste-on silver artwork, with 12" insert. A professionally pressed CDr is included as digital version of the album. A bonus DVDr region free containing a film by Roberto Opalio inspired by 'Fragments suspended in time - alba' comes with the first 100 copies.
Cover artwork by Roberto Opalio.

Second Edition: same multicolour vinyl housed in trifold cardboard jacket with paste-on silver artwork and insert. Digital Download coupon included.


"We're living our lives / like fragments / suspended in time" - Roberto Opalio

Perhaps Roberto's words are sufficient to explain the deep nature of the work. Anyway, it could be of a certain interest to know that this album comes after MCIAA spent a long period of self-isolation up in the Western Alps, far from everything and everyone but their own spirits.
Here the key is the development of melody and harmony; as quickly as you'll put the stylus on side A (called 'alba' = 'sunrise' side) you'll be overwhelmed by the delicate grace of its melodic texture, underlined by the intimate and never-before-so-sweet Roberto's wordless vocalizations.
Side B (called 'tramonto' = 'sunset' side) will increase more and more this antigravitational sweet mood, 'till you'll find yourself literally 'suspended in time'... For those who loved MCIAA's The Rest Is Silence masterpiece, this album is intended to be a great step in that direction as well as a great step beyond it. A final recommendation directly by the duo: "To you who follow the so-called 'avant metal' shit, to you who are slave of the trends of the moment, to you who think experimental music must be soulless, to you who consider music only as a mere entertainment while doing 'more important' things, to you who believe art is not poetry, please DON'T buy this LP! You won't like it the same way we don't like you!"