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Everywhere and Nowhere

Partout et nulle part


Film by Marylise Frecheville / DVD5 / PAL / 80min / 2004

Exiled from The Republic of the Bored and Boring for having deserted the commercial war using fake passports, the Vialka personel is now endlessly wandering and wondering through the World State. Their quest has but one goal: to provide a means of resistance to the Corporate Mass Media, who are alienating a growing number of fellow human animals into selling their miraculous time for futile processes. Will these minstrels manage to sabotage the atomico-capitalist machine? Will they find an alternative to the stressful accumulation of technologically advanced garbage before it's too late? It's a long and treacherous road to everywhere and nowhere...


Chapter one: Travelling through pollunations
Chapter two: Direct effects of mass media
Chapter three: Minstrels' school
The middle of the movie
Chapter four: Socio-musical experimentation
Chapter five: The heart between the brain and the hand
Chapter six: Survival