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On the Eighth Floor / At the Piano Workshop


Otherdays are:

- Santiago A. Calvo Ramos: vocals, lapsteel, reed organ, overdubs

- José Manuel Domínguez Roldán: synthesizers, piano, melodica, backing vocals, lead vocals on "eleven" and "rondpoint"

- Guillermo López González: acoustic and electric guitars, ukelele, melodica, backing vocals, lead vocals on "first day of spring".

- Sergio B. Negrín Dastis: spanish guitar on "At the piano workshop"

The CD contains two independent mini-albums, "On the eighth floor" (songs 1 to 7) and "At the piano workshop" (songs 8 to 14) recorded at separate sessions but sharing the same approach: to record songs without bass or drums, in a simplified manner, without much post-production work and with a strong sense of the locations they were recorded in.