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The Clurichaun's Naked Cheat with your Wine


Ludo Mich with Blue Yodel & Roman Nose & Ross Parfitt & Jennifer Iker


Side A > The Clurichaun's naked cheat with your wine

Side B > The Leprechaun's coins numismatist


recorded in Antwerp (echnum), Münsten & Sheffield, 2013

nbide#23, no basement is deep enough 2014

( Ltd 81 copy)



"Bacchus basement boys? When shallot wanted a game you wake up in their bath, drink France instead of Chile, whistled water in mathematics. And when the moon is behind the cellar door you have the bottle salted greens? Sheffield walked to a small number of Roman road, with some room for Courtin 'nose and evening blush just followed. And go where the leprechaun was seen down in the basement and yodeling, drinking of Spain, France, and the dream of bottled peepin'. Well, the nuns of Münster and mixed with vegetable options. A Vinum came rushing down, as the sweet flood Colleen. Well Antwerp in the day it has never seen, and your slate and rule mixed wrong and lost their queen works. And cream and greens uncorked the moon and spilled the junction thin spleen. Fuck! the clurichaun wanders still right in your photo boreen wrong." -- Jon Marshall


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