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Wilder shores of love


Wilder Shores of Love
par Nalle

1. Unto You 04:30

2. Sunne's Return 05:10

3. Songthrush 05:24

4. Bring the Traveller Back to Land 06:13

5. Wilder Shores of Love 07:12

6. Lily 03:51

7. Into a Whole 09:47

Originally released with Alt Vinyl, 2010 on CD and LP


Selected reviews:

As with their 2006 debut, By Chance Upon Waking, and 2008’s The Siren’s Wave, whether or not you enjoy Glasgow based trio Nalle’s third album rests upon what you make of Hanna Tuulikki’s voice. If early Kate Bush is too fey for you, Joanna Newsom too childlike, then proceed with caution. If, on the other hand, you’ve always wanted to hear the Incredible String Band’s Licorice McKechnie really letting rip, then look no further. Across these seven tracks, Tuulikki adopts different personae to act out variations on the mythic themes of love and death that have informed British indigenous music for centuries. Accompanied by multi-instrumentalist Chris Hladowski (with whom she also performs in The Family Elan) and viola player Aby Vulliamy, Tuulikki constructs poetic, timeless tales with arrangements that draw as much on 1960s acid folk and its 21st century descendants as they do on traditional music. In the ballad “Sunne’s Return” her longing for physical dissolution, coupled with Hladowski’s spidery, off-key electric guitar, creates something as creepy and haunted as an empty playground swing rocking by itself. “Lilly” is a dark...  afficher plus
paru le 10 juillet 2010


All songs by Hanna Tuulikki.
Arranged and performed by Hanna Tuulikki, Chris Hladowski and Aby Vulliamy

Ben Reynolds play harmonica on 1 and double bass on 2
Peter Nicholson plays double bass on 3
Raymond MacDonald plays saxophone on 3
Alex Neilson plays drums on 3, 5, 6 and 7


Recorded and produced with John Cavanagh at glo-spot, Glasgow 2008-2009

Artwork by Hanna Tuulikki