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Lucifugia Thigmotaxis

Viewmaster discs set + mini-CD soundtrack


Lucifugia means light-fleeing. Thigmotaxis is the need for pressure on all sides of your body in order to feel safe. Together these two words describe the essential nature of the cockroach. Our story concerns the adventures of one such cockroach named Stanley and the events that transpire when he dares to leave the safety of his home behind the refrigerator. Stanley's story is told on a mini-cd accompanying the reels. The soundtrack features narration, sound effects, music, and a wonderful ding noise to cue the change from image to image.

This set consists of four handmade Vladmaster reels, the box to keep them in, and the mini-cd soundtrack. The story was written and photographed by Vladimir. The reels and box were designed by Vladimir. The narration on the soundtrack was read and recorded by Scott Sloan who also played the organ music. The human star in the pictures is Toussaint Perrault.