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Deus ex machina

Ludo Mich Short Films


- Deux Ex Machina BE, 1970, no dial, 9'

A Fluxus film about movement with two naked bodies, mixed with animations by Ludo Mich. Selected for the 8th Biennal For Film in Paris, 1973. The original version of the soundtrack was composed by Ludo Mich in 1966 and used for his performance Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde at Theatercafé Babylon, Brugge (Belgium). In 1970 ten minutes of the original 120 minutes were used for Deus Ex Machina. The original 120 minutes got lost.

Camera, editing, music, animations: Ludo Mich
With Mieke Van Cakenberghe and Tony Lagrillière.
The music of this film was part of the Ultra Eczema LP Music from Films by Ludo Mich, released in 2005.


+ Bonus:


-  Mesmerized Zig Zag (Antwerp, June 2011, no dial, 4'30'')


-  Movements (By Rufus, Antwerp, December 2004, no dial, 3'30'')

A registration of performance by Ludo Mich (Projection work by Philippe Van Damme).