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Beneath Contempt and Happy to Be There

The Fighting Life of Porn King Al Goldstein

The full, amazing sordid, riches to rags story of self-made sultan of Times Square, Al Goldstein ruled over his mythic realm of sin and corruption for decades, chronicling its forbidden pleasures in the pages of his trailblazing sex paper Screw. The overweight cab driver and welfare recipient and became the most outspoken figurehead of the sex revolution, a multi-millionaire and tireless opponent of all things establishment. He had sex with the world's most famous porn starlets, rubbed elbows with Henry Miller and Phillip Roth, attended celebrity orgies with Gay Talese and Hugh Hefner, and then lost it all, morphing into America's most famous homeless drifter of the new millennium. He threw his heart, soul and fortune into a series of bruising First Amendment battles and became a folk hero to the disgruntled masses, giving the finger to the world as his ex-wives and battles drained him, America's last angry dirty old man.