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LP - April 2015

Cosmo-Psychedelico-Mystery duo Guess What return with their 3rd album! After Yuri Gagarin and the imaginary Giallo films, it’s now about Al-Khawarizmi, an astronomer from the 8th Century who invented Algebra and studied the Solar system.

The London/France-based duet explored Middle-Eastern harmonies and rhythms, staying true to their love for 60’s and 70’s grooves, yet introducing a new, more modern touch with a parsimonious use of drum sequences, samples and various synthesizers.

From the heavy belly-dancy beats of the title track “Al-Khawarizmi” to the fragile sounds of the trumpet-melodica lead in “Sun and Moon”, Guess What are drawing the musical portrait of a man who lived a distant and fascinating era. Not only did they take inspiration from strict Arabic Folk and Pop, but also from Persian, Indo-Pakistani, North-African heritages, which somehow all link to the history and culture that result from Al-Khawarizmi’s time.




1. Introduction Bagdad in  780
2. Al Khawarizmi
3. Completing the square
4. Zero is the magic number
5. The House of wisdom

6. Kitab surat Al-Ard
7. Dance of the 5 planets
8. Astrolabe
9. Al-Jabr
10. Sun and Moon