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Actaeon at Home

Viewmaster discs sets + mini-CD soundtrack


Actaeon, to the ancient Greeks, was a hunter unlucky enough to get a good look at Artemis bathing naked amongst her nymphs. For his trespasses, Actaeon was transformed into a stag and then devoured by his own hounds. Our Actaeon, may or may not have anything to do with the historical Actaeon. He is a small man in a room with striped wallpaper and antlers and a typewriter and a collection of Currier & Ives prints. Oh, also there is a train chase.

This new Vladmaster is narrationless. Instead of talk there is the Apt Ensemble, a trio of musicians who lead you through the Vladmaster story playing a variety of instruments and providing the odd sound effect. Listen carefully and you will hear everything from a pump organ to a tuba to a musical saw to a train whistle. This is also the first Vladmaster set photographed entirely in glorious black and white.

This Vladmaster was made to debut in a live performance with the band and emcee Tim Nickodemus for the 2005 PDX Fest Invitationals where Vladimir was, with some tongue in cheek, crowned the World Champion of Experimental Film.

This set consists of four handmade Vladmaster reels, the box to keep them in, and the mini-cd soundtrack. The music was written by Peter Broderick and Nathan Crockett; performed by the Apt Ensemble (Peter Broderick, Nathan Crockett, and Branic Howard) and recorded by Peter Broderick. Tim Nickodemus introduces the CD. Douglas Jenkins is the human star of the photographs. The story was written and photographed by Vladimir who also designed the reels and box.